Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oh baby, what a good dream!

Have you ever had a dream so delicious that you hated waking up?  You know the kind I'm talking about; it feels so sweet and fulfills all of your secret desires.

Well, I had that dream!

I dreamnt that I was in Target. I dreamnt that in Target there was a whole shelf dedicated to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint samples. That's right, little dreamy jars of chalk paint. They were $6.00 each. There was only one sample jar of Aubusson blue left. I gingerly placed it in my shopping basket. Before I could even make it to the checkout I was rudely awoken by my Hubby opening his sock drawer. Ugh! I was drawn back to real life where there are no chalk paint samples at Target!

 I was so dissappointed when I woke. So sad! So disheartened!

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