Monday, May 30, 2011

$5.00 Makeover Part I

This post is going to be a challange to write because I am keeping my precious grandson and I have to hurry before he wakes up! I had forgotten how adding a baby to the mix makes doing things next to impossible!

I mentioned a while back about going to a huge neighborhood sale and picking up several pieces of furniture. One piece that I brought home was a pretty oak coffee table.  It was only $5.00, my daughter needed a coffee table and I need one more project like I needed a hole in my head!

Here is the before:

And After:

I used Citrastrip to remove the poly finish on the top and followed that with a light sanding.  There were a few nics that were pretty deep so I filled those with wood filler and resanded.  I knew these areas would take the stain differently than the rest of the table so I marked over them with a black sharpie.  Then I conditioned it with pre-stain conditioner and stained it dark walnut.  Well, dark walnut wasn't quite the color I was going for so I stained again with jacobean. Still not right! Lastly I tried dark mahogany. Perfect! 

I brushed on a layer of Minwax quick drying polyurethane then sanded lightly.  Wiped the whole thing down and brushed on one more layer of poly.

While waiting for the different layers of stain to dry I painted the legs and apron black. I think it turned out beautiful and my daughter loves it!

My Hubby said that this is his favorite piece of furniture that I have refinished! Here are a few more pictures:

Do you have a favorite furniture piece that you have refinished? I'd love to see it!

p.s. The baby never woke up!

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  1. Talk about helping them stretch their furniture budget! Plus it looks great. What a good mom you are.

  2. wow such a pretty piece! and the color brings out the details in the wood better now. love it!

  3. Beautiful and love that Sharpie tip!

  4. I've got some stains you can have before I move, drop by or call me 940 923 7801


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