Monday, May 16, 2011

A change of plans

Last night I sanded and restained the top of the coffee table and got started painting the legs. I had made plans to finish it this morning before my DH woke (he is working 2nd shift this week) so that he could start painting the new doors for the house.

DH couldn't sleep so I unexpectedly had a change of plans! So, away goes all of my painting and staining supplies and out comes the painting booth. 

My wonderful Husband bought me the Graco paint sprayer for my birthday last April and made me a removeable paint booth (a.k.a blue tarps) for the garage.

Outside the booth (you can see the paint sprayer in the bottom of the picture)...

And inside the booth...

We are replacing all of the door knobs but are using the old hinges.  They were the old brass kind.  I painted them dark bronze by Rustoleum.


And after:

In the past I just laid the screws out and sprayed them.  If you have ever done this you know that they roll all over the place as soon as they are blasted with the spray paint.  This time I had a brainstorm and stuck them into styrofoam! It worked beautifully!

Tomorrow I will post the refinished coffee table. Of course, if the baby arrives before then it may be a while before anything new gets posted!

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